Humanoid Robots, and Its implication in Nursing Care, on 4th November 2020. The Faculty invited Prof. Dr Tetsuya Tanioka, RN, PhD

17 November 2020

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Faculty of Nursing Universitas Andalas held a Guest Lecture about Humanoid Robots, and Its implication in Nursing Care, on 4th November 2020. The Faculty invited Prof. Dr Tetsuya Tanioka, RN, PhD, the Nursing Professor who has contributed immensely towards the clarification of technological competency, as caring in nursing, and creating high-quality care within various technological environments. As a Professor of Nursing, from the Department of Nursing Outcome Management at Tokushima University, He has developed human technologies, integrating science and technology within the perspective of nursing caring science.

In the lecture, Prof. Tetsuya Tanioka given insight about the utilize of Humanoid Nursing Robotics in helping hospital on simple tasks. It has helped a lot in anticipating the decrease of the healthcare provider, which is in the significant total gap with the increase of elderly needed care in Japan.

“A robot will never replace a nurse, but the nurses are playing an important part in the development of The Humanoid Nursing Robotic transcript data. It will record the nursing daily communication based on the nurses’ experience”, said the professor.

“This knowledge will bring a new insight for our Faculty about the possibility of new technology collaboration to accelerate care in the nursing health care systems, in the future” the Dean said.

Even though the robot has raised questions about its competency, but the professor provided data about its safety through licenced nursing specialized in Humanoid robotic.

“We have our measurement for the robotic, under strict law. We event had special training and exam to make sure the robotic perform their task according to the nursing standard.”

The lecture which has been opened by Hema Malini, MN, PhD, moderated by Okky Adelirandy, and attended by the lecturers and students, has exemplified the excellent collaboration of the humanoid robotics with nurses in Japan Hospital, especially during Covid-19 treatment care and will continuously be developed for the next 15 years. 


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