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 #   Graduate Profile Description 
1    Scientist  Able to play an active role in the development of nursing/health science and nursing profession through the dissemination/communication of ideas and scientific arguments, results of studies and research through mass media, scientific journals to the academic community and/or the wider community
2  Educator able to develop educational/clinical learning programs and communities that are creative and innovative and based on the latest facts, through an adult learning approach for the development of professional performance improvement of care/health services to the community.
3  Leader and decision maker able to develop governance of nursing services in various health service settings with a leadership, decision making and management process approach through consideration of legal ethical aspects and policies both at the local and national levels




After two to three years of completing education, graduates can combine the skills gained from the educational program to:

EO-1: Empower the community to improve health quality through nursing care approach.

EO-2: Have leadership skills, communication, and collaboration in developing nursing care services in accordance with professional ethics.

EO-3: Conduct innovative and reliable for the development of nursing science and technology as well as solving health problems.





Code ILO (domains)
ILO-1 to implement the behavior of mutual respect, human values, and carry out duties based on religion, morals and ethics (attitude)
ILO-2 to develop health care services management in both clinical and community settings through a management and leadership approach (knowledge, skill, competence)
ILO-3 to apply ethical, legal, and culturally sensitive principles in carrying out roles as researcher, educator, leader, manager, and healthcare professional (attitude, knowledge, competences)
ILO-4 to develop creative and innovative educational programs for clinical and community settings in nursing and health practices and services (knowledge, competences)
ILO-5 to develop communication and coordination skills at individual, organizational and interprofessional levels in academic and non-academic activities (knowledge, competences)
ILO-6 to manage, develop and maintain a network with colleagues, interprofessional and interprofessional colleagues (knowledge, skills, competences)
ILO-7 to develop scientific nursing research and technology, apply concepts and principles of evidence based practice, develop innovations to solve nursing and health problems in both clinical and community settings (knowledge, competences)
ILO-8 to develop logical, critical, systematic, and creative thinking through scientific research, compile scientific conceptions, scientific arguments, and study results, as well as disseminate the results of thoughts through mass media and scientific journals to the academic community and the wider community (knowledge, skill)
ILO-9 to increase professional capacity through lifelong learning, social and environment sensitivity (knowledge, skills, competences)